Hello, welcome to my blog!

I’m just an ordinary female living in the Sunshine State. I’m pretty easy-going, usually quiet, and can be awkward at times. I have many hobbies and interest, one of them is anything beauty related. I like creating make up looks, collecting, and finding new products. I also discovered that I love to cook. I enjoy learning, experimenting, and exploring all kinds food in the kitchen. I tend to focus more on Southeast Asian cuisines. I’m not much of a baker since I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth. When the weather is nice, I like to go out on nature walks and take photographs. I’m a tea lover. I collect and sample all different types of tea.

I’m a mother to a Lionhead bunny. She was rescued from the highway. I adopted her in 2012. She is 5 years old. Her birthday is in July. She’s very friendly, affectionate, and well-behaved. She adores head rubs for hours at a time. In fact she enjoys them even more than food. Carrots are one of her favorite treats. One of her strangest attributes is that she will only eat celery if I peel it for her. She also enjoys a well-balanced diet with an abundance of Timothy hay. She loves to explore, sleep, and spending time with her mama.

x-Fatalove.com is a personal lifestyle blog that I created to share my adventures, beauty related interest, and some recipes that I’ve concocted together. Stay tuned for more upcoming post! If you like what you see, don’t forget to follow or subscribe to stay updated!

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