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I’m the creator and writer behind x-Fatalove.com. I’m from the Sunshine State even though I consider myself a night owl that savors the darkness of the night away. I’m pretty easy-going yet uptight, usually quiet, and can be awkward at times. Many of my hobbies and interest are anything within the creative realm; whether it’s creating make up looks, designing or editing digitally, or traditionally drawing. I like getting crafty with anything I can get my hands on. I also discovered my passion for food. I enjoy learning, experimenting, and exploring all kinds of food in the kitchen. I tend to focus more on Southeast Asian cuisines. Although I admire the art of baking, I don’t consider myself much of a baker since I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth for baked goods. However, I do bake from time to time but I tend to gravitate towards raw desserts. Some of the simple pleasures I enjoy the most in life is capturing a beautiful photograph, relaxing on the computer with hot cup of tea, and enjoying a nice meal with my loved ones.

I’m a mother to a Lionhead bunny. She was rescued from the highway. (Poor Beh; fending for her life.) I adopted her in June of 2012. Her nickname is Kiwi because she is brown, oval, and plump on the outside but sweet on the inside. I just call her Beh-Beh since she’s the baby of the household. She’s a free roam bun who is very friendly, affectionate, and well-behaved. Though she can be a bit of a rebel at times seeking for attention but she can also be shy around other hoomans. She adores head rubs for hours at a time. (She is such a love bug.) In fact she enjoys them even more than food. Carrots are one of her favorite treats. (I know stereotypical.) Some of her other favorite treats are apple peels, bell peppers, and cilantro. (She has such a sweet tooth.) One of her strangest attributes is that she will only eat celery if I peel it for her. She also enjoys a well-balanced diet with an abundance of Timothy hay. She loves exploring, sleeping, and spending time with her mama.

I initially created x-Fatalove.com as a lifestyle blog to share things happening in my life; whether it was planning a party, my experience about places that I’ve visited, or sharing beauty tips, make up looks, and reviews. As my blog progressed, it has shifted into more of a food blog. I started posting many of my recipes that I’ve concocted together which consists of foods that I enjoy eating from home. I rarely follow written measurements although I can spend many hours looking through recipes to help give me an idea or to spark some inspiration. I usually go with my instincts; a little bit of this and a dash of that until it taste right. Be sure to use my recipes as a guide and feel free to adapt your own interpretation to suit your taste.

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Beh-Beh Lionhead Rabbit

Beh-Beh hard at work as my assistant. Those blog post don’t type themselves!